asa connector systems
asa rail system and asa universal connector

asa rail system

The asa rail system is the first flexible mounting and connection system for air blast heat exchangers. The flexibility comes from free choice of the direction. Each port on the radiator has 3 possibilities. This well designed radiator concept brings another flexible innovation hit to the standard cooler market: The oil flow direction can be varied between u-flow direction and diagonal oil flow on each TT rail cooler.


The rail slots in the radiator are not only to connect the blocks to complete the cooler. Various possible mounting arrangements can be attached to the system: bypass systems, mounting of the cooler to an aggregate, measurement devices and much more. Please contact us to discover the huge potential of this system for your application.


asa universal connector

The asa universal connector is a patented system that offers many possibilities regarding dimension and direction of the hydraulic connection.


With each connector you can choose from 3 directions how to install it into the hydraulic circuit. The stream optimized design reduces the total pressure drop on the cooler. The omission of screwed joints reduces the number of sealings.


The available connector dimensions depend on the coolers size and are shown on the accessory options with each cooler type.

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