More than 30 years experience in heat transfer equipment and special hydraulic components has made us a global leader in advanced technologies. We produce what we design. Our experience for standard components and flexible customized solutions ensures competitive pricing, consistent product performance and reliability. asa was the first company with a standard cooler range. 21 patents are held at asa group.


This website provides a technical overview of our standard products. Please contact us, if more detailed information is required or if you cannot find the optimal product for you.



Dear Customer!

At asa Technology, we are aware that the rapidly spreading Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a source of uncertainty and concern for all of us.

Our priorities are the health and safety of our employees, customers, business partners and society. We therefore monitor the changing situation on a daily basis and adjust our business processes and guidelines accordingly. Therefore, in accordance with the recommendations of the relevant international and national authorities, we have introduced appropriate guidelines to ensure that asa technology can limit the effects of the virus.

In addition, we maintain maximum contact with our business partners to ensure that the activities of asa technology can continue with minimal disruption. We offer support through various channels as well as continue deliveries to all our customers.

Above all, let us not lose sight of each other. We are a technology company and we will use the available possibilities to keep in dialogue with you.

For questions or comments, we kindly request you to contact your regular contact person. We thank you for your support. If there are important updates to report, you shall be informed immediately.

With kind regards,

asa technology Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH




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