Temperature Control 12V DC 
Order Number: ILLZTC12K

Order number


max. power


max. current



Fan control 12V DC

310 W

21 A


Working principle:

- Soft start and temperature-sensitive  fan speed control

- Maximum starting current is appr. 10% higher than

  nominal current of the fan motor

- Fan speed is regulated depending on the oil temperature

  by means of a temperature sensor (accessories)

- Overload and inverse polarity protection on supply

- Temporarily delayed fan activation for self-protection


Measurement input

- Optional temperature sensor

  (control range 45-55°C (113-131°F), order no. ILLZTT5067)

- or temperature switch

  (set point 47°C (117°F), order no. ILLZTH4767)

- Connection: plug connection DT 04-2

  (make Deutsch)


Ambient conditiones

- Ambient temperature range:-20 to +70°C (-4°F to +158°F)

- Storage temperature range: -60 to +110°C (-76°F to + 230°F)


Relay output

- Max. current fan motor: 21A / 14,7V DC

- Connection: plug connection Metripack 280

  (make Delphi)



- 12V DC (9V-15V)

- Please note:

  Observe the maximum allowable voltage supply of

  the fan motor. The allowed voltage range of the fan

  might differ from the allowed voltage range of the

  temperature control.

- Inverse polarity protection

  (in case of inverse polarity of supply, ILLZTC12 is

  deactivated. After changing the polarity control is

  ready for use.)

- Overload protection

  (if supply voltage exceeds 16,5V, the control is

  switched off to protect the fan. After supply voltage

  is falling under 12V, control is activated again


- Closed current: 5mA

- recommended fuse: 25A fast acting


Please note:

- Due the high current (up to 21A), observe adequate electrical

  connection. (In case of using a block terminal, it has to be

  tighten strong enough)



- Material: polyamide

- Protection: IP 67

- Any mounting position

- weight: 0,32kg (0.7lbs)



- temperature sensor ILLZTT5067

- temperature switch ILLZTH4767

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