Suction Line
Suction Line

The asa suction unit constitutes a compact and yet powerful unit for fluid management in hydraulic systems. The asa butterfly flange with SAE and DIN connections allows the combination with an elastic element, namely a rubber compensator, to realize a short compensating connection with the pump port. The suction unit is screwed to the adapter flange, which is welded to the tank. Furthermore, a limit switch (mechanical or inductive) can be added to the standard configuration for monitoring purposes. Thanks to the low installation costs as well as to its compact design that reduces joint sealings, purchasing asa suction units is very cost effective.

Suction Line Butterfly Valve

Suction Line Compensator

Suction Line Adapter Flange

Suction Line Strainer Adapter

Suction Line Suction Unit


The asa butterfly valve with SAE and DIN flange connections allows the combination with an elastic element (rubber expansion joint) to make a short compensating and economical connection with the pump port. The lever position can be changed through our new mechanism. The handle direction (clockwise or counter clockwise) can be changed by turning the switch bracket. See for more information.

Vibration Technology
Vibration Technology

The asa rubber vibration absorbers are rubber metal connected parts to absorb impact loads on components as protection and to extent the life time. The patented solution is especially equipped for highest shear loads. An assembly system marked with arrows on the metal parts helps to optimize and raise the load capability of the vibration absorber. See for more information.