Air Cooled Range

Gain form our wide range of offline cooling with ambient air. We offer compact solutions with double shaft design to power pump and cooling fan. This saves space, labour and costs. For high performance applications we offer a clever system to combine our standard cooler range with our GERO 2 gerotor motor/pump units. 

Air Cooled Range CC-Rail 20/30lpm

Air Cooled Range CC-AUC 40/60lpm

Air Cooled Range CC-2 Rail 35-102 lpm

Air Cooled Range Motor/Pump+Cooler

Water Cooled Range

Our water cooled offline systems are designed in a modular way to configurate the products to the requirments of the application in terms of performance, media compatibilty and suitability to the ambient conditions. We use our high efficient plate heat exchanger series as well as the versatile ST shell tube heat exchanger series.

Water Cooled Range FCUW-ST

Water Cooled Range FCUW-E