The AS-Series is a cube-shaped, multi-purpose cooling station that can successfully be employed in particularly demanding stationary applications in industrial settings. Its robust housing offers the best protection for the heat exchange system, but robustness is also coupled with flexibility. In fact, the AS-Series grants you more control over your temperature management needs thanks to the thermostat with temperature control knob. Furthermore,  a high performance fan enhances air conduction for optimal air flow. Finally, the installation of the AS Series is easy, for all electric parts are pre-mounted. Learn more about this series by clicking on the technical sheet below.


W-Line Series

Our W series coolers are designed for high duration at aggressive environments as found in offshore, marine and coastal applications. Over 40 years in manufacturing heat transfer equipment has made us a global leader in advanced technologies. This ensures you competitive pricing, consistent product performance and reliability.

The corrosion resistance of this series is successfully verified by salt spray tests according DIN EN ISO 9227. This is comparable to C5-M short of ISO 12944. We allow a degree of Ri3 according ISO 4628-3.



asa oil/air coolers are available for ATEX zone 1, 2 and 22, which corresponds to the categories 2G and 3. Download the information brochure and learn more about the possible ATEX applications from the mentioned table.

The cooler models shown here are available with AC drive, but also with hydraulic motor fan drive. Our ATEX coolers are equipped either with our well established asa universal connectors or the asa rail system for the hydraulic connection.


GT Protection

The H-Protect Series (former GT series) is a ready mounted cooler package, which includes a cooler, protection housing, mounted rail connectors and the ready wired electronic temperature control. The standard cooler sizes TT 07, 11 and 16 are available with this configuration.


AHP Series

The AHP series combines great mounting flexibility with excellent performance in both mobile and stationary applications. While the multidirectional AUC connectors allow the realization of compact hydraulic connections, extras, such as the AUC intermediate plate with its BSP ½ port, can accommodate a temperature switch. The side brackets of the radiator offer fixing points, as well as robust mounting feet enhance stability. AHP air-oil cooling systems are powered by AC or hydraulic motors and  come with an internal 2bar bypass or optional bypass settings of either 0,5 bar or 4 bar. Contact us and choose the best configuration for your application.