Oil-Air Cooler
Oil/Air Coolers

Our innovative air-cooled plate and bar designed coolers are reliable, cost-efficient, and durable. Characterized by high cooling performance and low pressure drop, asa’s oil-air coolers can operate with flow rates of up to 800 lpm (211 gpm). They are suitable for various hydraulic circuits and the most demanding applications, including lifting equipment, construction machines, agricultural vehicles, and mining equipment, to mention but a few. Simply click here to know more.

Oil/Air Coolers Tank-Filter-Cooler Range

Oil/Air Coolers Special Ranges

Oil/Air Coolers Standard Ranges

Offline Cooler
Offline Coolers

Depending on the application we recommend our offline cooling solutions for best oil mainentance aside of the working hydraulics. We offer air cooled systems in a compact way with a motor/pump and cooler combination, but also separate cooler and motor/pump units. Our water cooled products can be delivered with high efficient plate heat exchangers or our versatile shell tube heat exchangers for harsh environments and media. 

Offline Coolers Air Cooled Range

Offline Coolers Water Cooled Range

Oil-Water Coolers
Oil/Water Coolers

Cooling oil with a water cooling circuit is a very efficient way to accomplish high heat load applications or difficult ambient conditions. Our products and solutions offer various material options suit any application. Shipbuilders, chemical plant operators and many others value technical consultation and service as well as our durable and resistant products.

Oil/Water Coolers Shell-Tube ST-Series

Oil/Water Coolers PHE (PWT) E-Series

Oil/Water/Air Coolers

We offer complete solutions to maintain charge air, compressed air, engine water, as well as combinations with gear oil, compressor oil or hydraulic oil sections. Our support is 100% group owned, including fluid dynamics simulations, sizing software, verification with wind tunnel test center and fan design and production. Please contact us with your specific requirements and use our benefits of realistic calculation and verification. See asa-innovation.com for more information.

Eco-Plus Heat Exchangers

E-loop products serve the growing market of electrification. We offer complete cooling solutions for electric vehicles, industrial automation and process technology. Our products are optimized for pumping fluids into cooling circuits for battery packs, electric motors, inverters and converters, so that all of these components can be kept within the optimal temperature range. We work out the best solutions for water-glycol as well as for transformer oil. Please visit asa-innovation.com for more detailed information or contact us.